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退款/退貨/訂單取消政策 :所有貨品不設退錢及退貨。如果因為任何原因未對產品百分百滿意,可以在訂購後30天內退還並且必須符合我們的退貨政策。退還的產品必須未經使用、產品標籤不得被篡改或拆除,並且產品應放於原裝包裝盒或包裝袋內(如適用)。本政策僅適用於本網店上那些不在不設退換品牌/產品列表内的項目。 Refund/Return/Order Cancellation Policy: All items are non-refundable and non-return. If for any reason not satisfied with the product, it can be return within 30 days upon ordering and subject to our return policy. The returned product must be unused, the product label must not be removed or altered, and the product should be in the original box or bag (if applicable). This policy only applies to items on this online store that are not included in the non-returnable brands/products list.